Sunday, 2 June 2013

Flou-Fantôme - EP #1

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There's a tendency here to listen to the first song on this EP and dismiss Montpellier duo Flou-Fantôme as just another acoustic/folk duo, especially as the track's even called 'Warmfolk', that said, it is a highly likable tune. Dip a little further into their debut EP and you'll find that they venture a little further with their music too. This is far from another bandwagon-jumping project; these are decent songs with an original sound. This fact quickly becomes clear on 'Allnight' which begins as a dark, plodding acoustic track but soon begins to bloom as piano is added and the vocals lift the song higher. Electric instruments are brought in too and before you know it we've got a great mid-paced alt-rock number on our hands.

You could argue that it's the best song on the EP, but the final pair of songs offer some stiff competition. 'Fireworks' sounds as though it was forged from mystery, partly because of the clanging intro, the haunted vocals and the desolate nature, and by desolate we don't mean that it's musically bare, it's not, it just evokes a feeling of desolation. It's a bit like being transported to a different world for a few minutes. It is therefore, interesting that the opening lyrics to final track 'Follow' are "You take me to a different place", although here they do stick to the acoustic format, but they know how to work the most out of a song, and with a few additions it soon becomes a decent dreampop tune. The song, and the EP as a whole, is short and sweet, but at least it shows a duo who are willing and able when it comes to creating their own sound.

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