Saturday, 8 June 2013

Evan Andree - Ancient/Eternal

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Atlanta singer-songwriter Evan Andree has been an artist we've been interested in for a while, and this is despite the fact that some of his music, such as previous EP 'Flags Pt. III' has been a little bit straight-ahead pop for us to feature as a rule, but there's always been an interesting side to him that's just bubbling under the surface. We've compared some of his less commercial tracks to The Postal Service (which is hardly as alternative as Times New Viking, but still...). On new EP 'Ancient/Eternal' he's taken a big step to proving that our faith and interest hasn't been unfounded; this is his best work so far, and while it's still easily accessible and should have a broad appeal, it takes his writing and production to a different level and a slightly altered style.

This is dreamier, more imaginative and more evocative. 'Naked' is a shimmering, pop update on the sounds of Laurel Canyon; it's one of the best songs he's made. Also rooted in dreampop and with a similar production haze is the gorgeous 'Tonight (For Fantine)', a bit of an emotional trip. The chiming, music box Americana of 'Atomic Bombs' is another welcome diversion from his previous work and the harmonies sound great, but these songs still retain a pop edge which could be an important factor. 'This Photo Of You' is based around an acoustic song too, but with plenty of additions to stop it sounding like just another singer-songwriter with a guitar; it's the same trick he employs for the optimistic, wide-eyed closer 'The Road, Again'. In gradually prising his music away from the more conventional pop that other artists are making, Evan Andree is beginning to form a better identity for himself, and one that should set him apart from the crowd a little more.

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