Saturday, 1 June 2013

Cells - A Time And A Place

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Firstly, we should throw a few compliments they way of Brighton duo Cells for the video to this track, a one-take clip that required a fair bit of planning and must have needed them to be on their toes. I wonder if they got it right first time? The promo does show there's a sense of humour to Cells' music, but not to the point where the actual song is throwaway or novelty. 'A Time And A Place' is their debut single and, despite being yet more synth-pop, manages to put across its own personality. It's not just harking back to the classic synth era, it would appear that these two are keen to take things forward, if only by a few steps.

One thing of note about Cells is that they comprise of a synth/vocalist and a drummer. This means that where ticking electronic beats may have been otherwise used, we're instead treated to a full-on pummelling of rock proportions here, a refreshingly different addition to your regular synth-pop groups. As ever, all is in vain if the song is substandard, and we can happily report that 'A Time And A Place' is far from substandard. It's high-octane fun and has an urgency which makes it feel even more driven than it could have been. The lyrics are fast flowing and hectic and the song sparkles and twinkles in all the right places. Definite ones to watch.

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