Sunday, 9 June 2013

Cajita - The Stars

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Bristol artist Cajita (currently based in London) will be releasing his new album 'Tiny Ghosts' on July 1st. The fact that it's being released on FolkWit Records may lead to the false impression that Cajita (real name Jay Chakravorty) is just another boring guy with a guitar, the kind that's been flooding the UK music market for the past few years. Have a listen though, there's much more going on here than that, in fact were it not for the label, we'd possibly have not mentioned the F-word at all while reviewing this track. Yes there are acoustic instruments making up the song in its entirety, but this is a different sound, and a reasonably unique one at that.

'The Stars' comprises of a picked guitar and what sounds like a cello, but the melody doesn't fit the folk genre, it could be lifted from dreampop or even a slower alt-rock track. This is more Neil Halstead than any of the nu-folk brigade, and it's a delicate, intricate piece that seems to exist in its own little bracket. Although it's not going to set the charts on fire, this is very nicely arranged, particularly when the chorus of voices and the brass join in at the end. We're crossing our fingers that Cajita might just have an album that will breathe new life into the country's rapidly stagnating acoustic scene by bringing some new ideas to the table.

Cajita's website

'The Stars' will be available from June 10th from Bandcamp

Catch him live:

10/06 The Islington, London, UK
13/06 Cargo, w/ REVERE & Adding Machine - Shoreditch, London
26/06 Live session on Shoreditch Radio
28/07 The Macbeth, w/ Waitress For The Bees - Hoxton, London
15/08 Noorderzon Festival - Groningen, NL

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