Friday, 15 March 2013

The Title Sequence - Sound

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Well we've got to hand it to them. The title does a good job of reflecting the content of the song. 'Sound' is the new single from The Title Sequence's album 'Stills' which is out on March 25th. If you recall previous single 'Payday' then you'll probably realise that the resemblance between the two songs is virtually non-existent. We're going to call this a good thing and hope for a diverse and interesting album. Gone are those Strokes-style guitars and vocals and gone is the whole indie/garage thing altogether. This may mean that 'Sound' doesn't strike a chord as instantly as its predecessor but certainly doesn't mean it's any lower in standard.

In fact this slow-building, slow-burning, psychedelic, mysterious and otherworldly song is even better. There are so many people you can almost compare it to (Syd Barrett, The Bees, The Beta Band) but none of them quite fit, so I guess this means that while they haven't opened up never before seen realms of music, they have found their own little niche in which to reside, and that's not easily done nowadays. The second half is where the song really bubbles into life (it does actually sound like it's bubbling at one point) with extra guitar and what sounds like a few angels they've managed to rope in to do backing vocals. Using the slang meaning of the title of this song, we'd have to say that this single is sound.

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