Friday, 15 March 2013

Amber Edgar - Honey & Sorrow

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Branching out is the way forward. Thirty years ago - even ten years ago - there were way more full-time professional musicians around than there currently are. You'd be surprised to find out how many of your favourite bands have day jobs. This isn't due to lack of interest, it's due to accessibility of music. You can listen to just about any song you want, legally, for free if you have an internet connection. Thankfully this isn't manifesting itself in substandard tunes. The music being made is a great as ever, and often even more imaginative. Canadian singer Amber Edgar has got it covered. As well as music she's also an artist and photographer, so as well as three possible sources of income, she has three talents that can go hand in hand.

Following a turbulent life so far, she's decided that now's the time to put some of her music out for public consumption, and its our gain. This single contains two very well made tunes. 'Honey & Sorrow' is mid-tempo indie/pop/rock (a phrase that sounds boring, but really it's not) but it feels real, a quality that is too often skipped. It's a good song, but it's perhaps B-side 'Troubles' that's best. The lyrics and general feel of the song seem more personal and it's surprising what a difference that makes, as Amber is seeming to fight to put "all my troubles behind me now". It details the ups and downs of life in an open and blunt way. Apparently Amber Edgar has been writing for years, so surely there's more material that could be recorded, so if you're reading this, Amber, an album would be great.

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