Friday, 15 March 2013

Caves - Sleep

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More rumblings from Birmingham. Do we put this down to the heightened press attention that the city's getting following a couple of indie-type bands breaking through? Or is there really more good quality music coming from our second city now than in recent years? We're pretty sure it's the former. You can find good music in any town or city if you look hard enough, but that's not to say that we should all of a sudden be proclaiming any band from that area future stars. However, they're more than entitled to capitalise on the extra interest. So we hope that's what happens with Caves, because although they're a guitar band, they're different from Peace, Jaws, Swim Deep and so on.

So, not jumping on the bandwagon then, and this is to their credit. New single 'Sleep' is thundering alt-rock that kind of reminds us of dEUS at their peak. It's the sound of twenty years ago that's being updated here, and this song wouldn't have sounded out of place on one of the later Catherine Wheel albums, after their shoegaze phase. The track itself is very dense and very tight; it almost feels like a dead weight, perhaps the antithesis of the floaty chillwave that so many are attempting to make. At five and a half minutes it does feel a bit overlong, but this may work better in a different context, maybe as part of an album or EP instead of a stand-alone single. Caves have a big sound though, and judging by this there's every chance them holding back a powerful alt-rock anthem, we'll wait and see.

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