Sunday 10 March 2013

The Road To Suicide - Before Lexington

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It can be hit and miss getting excited about a band after hearing one demo, but that's what we've gone and done here. Denmark's The Road To Suicide only have the one song online at the moment but a debut EP should be with us any time soon. As for their sound, well there's a definite shoegaze thing going on as well as plenty of psychedelia, plus if you look at the picture above there appears to be a sitar or something similar, so maybe they'll have an eastern flavour to their sound too. It's early days so it's difficult to predict, especially given the minimal info we have on the band.

'Before Lexington' was put online at the end of 2012 and is a little bit demo-sounding still, but there's a heap of promise here. The guitar lights up the droning psychedelia and the affected vocals. We can't wait to hear the EP and see if the current psych trend really has hit Denmark in the same way it's hit the UK. What with us banging on about Temples and Charlie Boyer & The Voyeurs as potential heroes of 2013, maybe we'll get a surprise contender for psych champions of the year from across the North Sea. Definitely ones to watch.

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