Sunday 10 March 2013

Jungle Doctors - Better

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It's been about 18 months since we last heard from London youngsters Jungle Doctors. In fact it's probably time to stop calling them youngsters, but one or two of them might be clinging on to that last teenage year. They haven't mentioned what they've been up to in that time, but we're guessing college or similar activities may have meant things were put on the back-burner for a while. Or they may just have been sat around watching daytime TV and eating Monster Munch like most teenagers. Either way, the hibernation period is over and the guys have just released their debut single 'Better'.

To reestablish yourselves after a break can sometimes require a song that will grab people's attention all over again, and they just about pull it off in 'Better'. It's an uptempo number and it crosses boundaries too, not that we're struggling to find indie/dance hybrids at the moment, but Jungle Doctors don't quite follow the formula. This is a hugely energetic and optimistic number which essentially renders it unlikable to only miserable bores, and Jungle Doctors wouldn't be interested in them anyway. 'Better' definitely signals that it's party time and the music on the stereo will be quality art-pop. Welcome back.

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