Monday, 11 March 2013

Norma - Son In Rags

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We've given a fair bit of coverage to Swedish trio Norma so far this year. The reason being that they're very good. Yep, it's as scientific as that. The first single off ace second album 'The Invisible Mother' was 'Joan', a very modern sounding piece of experimental pop which was looking forward whilst being chased by sounds from the past. As such it was a curious and unique track, and it turned out they had an album full of them. Needless to say they're highly recommended by us, but if you want another snippet before diving in at the deep end (although you can actually stream the album on Spotify if you wish) then here's another single.

This time they've plumped for something a bit more uptempo, it's a bit like visiting a futuristic disco where the sounds of 80s pop and krautrock have joined forces. This combination, although futuristic, is perhaps best described as retro futurism. The synths twinkle like Jean Michel Jarre and a basic beat is all that's needed for the engine room of the song; the bass is similarly persistent and simple. Add a few sound effects, some layered vocals that swirl over the top of each other and voila! You've created an odd but excellent track.

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