Monday, 11 March 2013

Then Comes Silence - Sweet Curls

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As we said when we reviewed the debut album by Swedish band Then Comes Silence, it was a big surprised that a band who only formed in 2012 had an album out before the year's end, and a very good one at that. We were suspicious... could this be the alias for another band? Could they be members of other groups who'd joined forces for a collaborative project? Or were they just that good that they got their shit together that fast and didn't bother with any messing around. Do you know how much investigating we've done into these theories since then? That's right. None. But here's their new single, taken from said enigmatic album.

They've opted to give 'Sweet Curls' a solo push here (oddly for a band called Then Comes Silence, this song actually starts with silence) and it's a great choice. If you like your rock a bit fuzzy in nature, if you like The Jesus & Mary Chain and you like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club then this brooding, bleak track will be right up your street, or maybe down your dark alley. The guitars run the show but as ever with this technique some glittery percussion works wonders, and so we're treated to plenty of tambourine (or something similar) to compliment the moodiness. They're a top band, whoever they are.

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