Friday, 8 March 2013

Lost Way - Alone

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Despite being together since 2006, 'Alone' is the first proper single to be released by Italian quartet Lost Way, you have to assume they've got a fair few songs to pick from having had such a long period to write. 'Alone' seems like a decent choice. It's no grand opening statement, but judging by what we've heard, Lost Way aren't that sort of band. They like vibrant indie-rock that's not too polished and makes good use of guitars, and that's exactly what they've created on both songs here.

The icy guitar lines do sound great and the clattering drumming adds to the effect. Basically this is what you would have expected had someone said "indie band" to you in the first half of the 90s, and this is to their credit. Inevitably this means the songs sound that bit dated, but we can hardly complain when throwbacks like The Strypes are currently getting such hype. Lost Way have just chosen a different time period. B-side 'To The Sea' fits this ideal perfectly too. Again the guitar's in charge and again it's the 90s but it's a strong track. Comparing the two, we'd have to say 'Alone' just edges it, although we're not sure about the line "you ran after me just like a shark" though.

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