Thursday, 7 March 2013

Atlas Genius - Trojans

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Australian duo Atlas Genius are a far bigger deal back home than they are in the UK, but it's surely only a matter of time before that changes and their music begins to infiltrate UK media. The independently-minded pair made money playing covers to pay for the construction of their own studio which they built themselves. Once complete they began to put their own ideas on to tape which has resulted in a large fanbase and a newly released debut album, paradoxically on a major label, something which will have no doubt helped them gain exposure. Released last year back home, the 'Trojans' EP hit the UK in February.

The lead song here doesn't sound like the homemade work of a couple of amateurs; they know what they're doing. Mixing indie and electro-pop is hardly throwing caution to the wind at the moment, with half the so called alternative world choosing much the same idea, but to get any further than a couple of hundred Facebook likes and a gig down whatever the Australian equivalent of the Barfly is you've got to properly master it. With the home success and industry interest these two have stirred up it's safe to say they've mastered it with ease. Get used to the name.

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