Friday, 8 March 2013

darksun - Rope

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If the artwork hasn't already given it away, darksun are connected Lost Way, being the solo project of the Italian group's guitarist Paride Spagnolo who has, by the looks of things been making music for quite some time, although we have little info on either him of the project, but who cares about the vital statistics anyway. You can spot a similarity between this single and the Lost Way tracks we reviewed earlier; it's that same 90s indie guitar sound and it's pretty unmistakable. The atmosphere is different here though, darker, less vibrant and generally more downbeat.

"There's no hope" he sings on 'Rope', a tale of desolation and reaching the end of your tether. We can probably speculate what the rope's intended use is. Those spiky guitars do lift the song again though. We begin in an even gloomier place on second track 'One More' which is like a slow march towards something very ominous and unwelcoming. The song is entirely instrumental and feels like the end sequence to a film that possibly didn't have the best outcome. Because of this more morbid nature, darksun may not be for everyone, but he sure knows how to se a mood.

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