Saturday, 16 March 2013

Kid Moxie - The Bailor

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Although the name Kid Moxie is a new one to our ears, it looks like her musical career so far has turned a few heads and caught the attention of a few handy to know contacts. Based in Los Angeles, she's been working on her new album with The Gaslamp Killer and Angelo Badalmenti; two people who won't just mess around with any old chancer, so this information is almost like a stamp of approval that we can trust before even hearing the music. True to form, new track 'The Bailor' and its video which was recently shot in Athens, Greece and you can check out below, don't disappoint.

Musically we're talking sophisticated alt-pop, and by sophisticated we don't mean dull but professionally made. We mean this is a very good song that's been treated with care, thought and attention all of which combine to bring the best out of the track. You could maybe dissect the song and find parts of classical, rock, chillwave, synth-pop and more; much like many other artists at the moment, Kid Moxie is combining genres to construct her own sound as opposed to deciding on a format and sticking with it. Let's hope those friends in high places can give this track a boost in terms of coverage. It deserves one.

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