Saturday, 16 March 2013

Eli Mardock - Beat, Heart

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Singer-songwriter Eli Mardock almost broke through with his previous band Eagle Seagull a few years ago. Since they split in 2010 he's embarked on a solo career, with one EP already available and a second, 'Hamburg', out this month. It's from this second solo outing that 'Beat, Heart' is taken, and it's a quite special track. Totally at odds with just about every trend going, there's no chance of it ever becoming a smash hit, not that that was the idea in the first place (we suspect anyway). Instead he's just ploughed his heart and soul into this track that bares a passing resemblance to some of T-Rex's more grand statements.

Lyrically there seems to be a sense of disenchantment with life, a feeling that it's strange and doesn't ever really go as you'd expect it to. And of course the big question of what the heck it's all about anyway. It's a song about sadness and about love to a retro backing, maybe a distant cousin to 'Cosmic Dancer'. He even throws in a proper rock guitar solo without sounding like a prat. 'Beat, Heart' ends up quite the epic, something you don't expect from its light beginning, but its incredibly pensive and more than a little impressive. Definitely music to believe in.

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Mar 16 in.gredients w/ Dean Johanesen, Austin, TX
Mar 20 Widowspeak w/ Eli Mardock and I Am The Navigator, Omaha, NE

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