Saturday, 16 March 2013

Tessa Makes Love - Spente le Stelle

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It can be off-putting when people describe themselves as combining music and art. More often than not it's shorthand for "you're about to see and hear a load of pretentious tosh". Russian singer Tessa Makes Love does combine music and art, and we're buggered if we know whether or not it's pretentious, but we like it. The video begins with a shot of a huge statue of Marilyn Monroe's arse and then proceeds to use old-fashioned (deliberately) superimposing techniques to show Tessa covered in body paint and with luminous hair visiting many locations. It is pretty bonkers to say the least.

The song is less weird, but only by a minuscule amount. The basis is the now overly-familiar sound of retro synth-pop, albeit done to a high standard. The vocals are a little shrill at first and sung (we presume) in Russian so we daren't even guess what she's on about judging by the video. Those vocals go from shrill to eardrum-piercing, glass-shatteringly high pitched. How on earth she can make her voice do that is a wonder in itself, but there are probably parts of this song that are only audible to dogs. And for creating such a bizarre package we think she deserves a round of applause.

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