Saturday, 9 March 2013

Gepetto - Great Streets EP

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Now let's not get into the argument about how many songs constitutes an EP and how many makes a mini-album. Gepetto are calling 'Great Streets', with its 8 tracks, an EP, so an EP it is then. Their music is a home-recorded mixture of experimental acoustic pop tracks, with plenty of found sounds and oddities. It's difficult to think of a direct comparison, and this duo don't help matters when they say "to be filed between Yoko Ono and Chris Isaak". Our brain hurts a bit trying to imagine how that would sound, so we'll switch to our own words and call it varied DIY alt-pop for the eclectically minded. It flits between tempos, from slow to mid-paced and not much further, but that doesn't matter. It's their individuality that counts.

So the ultra slow 'Sand' is followed by the comparatively playful 'Romantics And Dilettantes', a song in which you'll do well to guess how half the sounds were made. Even when the songs are a wall of sound with no gaps, as on 'Outside The Line' they still sound incredibly barren, but that's kinda nice when half the music world is aiming for as much bombast as is technically possibly. It turns into quite a spooky, and kooky, track too. The tender and twinkly 'Blue Water' is relatively conventional but likable with it and the bleak 'Shivering' is an odd highlight. There's nothing here to jump out and grab you and 'Great Streets' really needs your attention to experience it at its best, but it's great to hear something so strangely conventional yet confusingly unconventional at the same time.

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