Saturday, 9 March 2013

Electric Discharge Machine - Around The Glorious Sun

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You can't help but hear a voice like this and think that they must get through an awful lot of Strepsils post recording. Electric Discharge Machine are a trio with members from London, Paris and Liverpool, three cities currently doing alternative music proud, but this track from their recent self-titled EP is one of the most interesting tunes we've heard for a while. And that's not industry speak where "interesting" actually means "a pile of shite", this song is genuinely unique and genuinely very good. Underneath that growl lies a spectacularly sunny piece of psychedelia and the mixture of sounds involved may be thanks to the different scenes the members originate from.

Starting off with that gruff voice and some twanging, surfy guitar, the backing sounds a bit like the Beta band but is then joined by a chorus of sighing vocals. It's odd but it's ace, gradually becoming more psychedelic as the song builds with more guitar and effects being added, then switching voices for some prime hallucinatory sounds. It's weird and it wonderful and it must be the product of some very talented, but very messed-up minds. The French-spoken outro is the fairy on top of the tree, taking it from English whimsy to...  heaven knows what. It's mad as a box of demented frogs but it's bloody superb.

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