Saturday, 9 March 2013

Dems - Desire

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Before we get to the song it's worth having a stab a deciphering the video to this new single by London trio Dems. I'm sure they'll correct us if we're wrong. It seems to show the band as Greek or Roman gods, one of whom appears to have the duty of pulling the sun through the sky, thus making it appear in the day and vanish at night, at which point some precious artifacts (gloves) are stolen from the sun god who is asleep next to his goddess and the sun is stolen by a novice (possibly their son?) who can't control its force. Another more powerful god then strikes the thief down with a bolt of lightning. So just a normal day at the office then.

A concept as ridiculously grand as this needs a suitable soundtrack, and it gets one with 'Desire', a truly modern piece of experimental pop music that's almost beyond comparison. It contains soul, it contains minimal electronica and it's also dreampop, although it fits no scene whatsoever. It's not just the footage that's a different kettle of fish to most music promos, it seems the song is too. It's all very well being different, but not only that, Dems manage to do so with a great deal of passion and some masterful production. Full marks all round.

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