Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Dominic Wolf - At Sea

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Swiss artist Dominic Wolf first set about pursuing a solo project as a side to his former band My World In Colour back in 2011, before former the short-lived partnership Hidden Sights. Finally deciding to hit the music world alone last year, his first EP 'Anoesis' was released in the summer and showed that he did have what it takes to blend in nicely with the cream of the current singer-songwriter crop, which, needless to say, is a little crowded at the moment. Currently one of a multitude of artists heading down a similar path, it was always going to take something extra special (and maybe a touch of luck) for him to make the leap to the next stage.

New single 'At Sea' probably isn't going to be the track that achieves that, it's simply not got the novelty factor (a handy ad-friendly whistle along section for example), but it's still a competent song that further cements the fact that the man knows his way around a tune. This isn't straight-up acoustic tedium, there's the clear notion that Wolf wants to make his music that bit different from the rest, and if he continues to do so then he will make that jump eventually, be it a critical or a public one. The parts of the jigsaw are all here, if he can find a new way to fit them together then stardom may well await.

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Catch him live:

The Underbelly, Hoxton, London (6£ entry) 6th of March 2013 8:30PM
The Lounge @ The Metropolitan Pub, Portobello, London (FREE ENTRY) 14th of March 2013 doors open 7:30PM
Alleycat, Soho, London (FREE ENTRY) 1st of April 2013 doors open at 7:30PM
Dead or Alive @ The Comedy, Leicester Square, London (£6 entry) 24th of April 2013

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