Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The Branco Heist - Heads Will Roll EP

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With one northerner and two southerners there can be no north/west divide when it comes to musical supremacy with The Branco Heist (The Beatles or The Stones, Oasis or Blur etc.). We mention these staples of classic British rock music because this trio follow very much in that grand tradition. They're unlikely to repeat the success of those multi-million sellers of course, but in their new EP you can hear bands gone by and feel the sense of Britishness. Kudos should be given for ploughing ahead in what they believe in too. There are no attempts at adding synths or thinking about any kind of dance direction. This is rock and roll music in all it's grand traditionalism.

This being the case there are bound to be comparisons. Lead track 'The Rose' is like a rockier version of The Las, 'Zombiez' adds more grit and depending on your current position towards indie/guitar music (which isn't particularly in fashion) this will either make it the best of worst track here. It's maybe 'Classless Clown' that fits in best with current trends, flirting with psychedelia towards the end, a genre that is beginning to signify the return of the guitar to popularity. It's kind of like The Verve joining the current London psych scene and has the feel of an anthem to it; a potential fan favourite. Final track 'On My Watch' does the reflective last song thing rather well and completes a good solid EP that's bound to reel in a fair few fans.

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