Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Cool Serbia - Cool Serbia EP

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"Doom-wop", eh? Well we're gonna be interested in what that sounds like! As it happens it's quite similar to bands such as The Raveonettes, Dum Dum Girls, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Crocodiles and so on, which really shouldn't have come as much of a surprise. Texan-born, Brooklyn-based band Cool Serbia make neat work of adding their variant of scuzz-rock to some old-fashioned pop melodies on this new EP though, so don't write them off as copyists, or indeed as not being particularly good, for this eponymous release is a damn fine listen. Yeah they probably have lots of effects pedals and like a bit of shoegaze, fuzz-rock and 60s pop, but then so do the rest of us.

Opener 'Dream Lover' (not a cover) does take what could be a period piece and dress it up in the Jesus & Mary Chain's sonic uniform, 'French Exit' sounds as though it's about to turn into 'The He Kissed Me' but chooses Crocodiles-style melodic distortion instead. Both 'Kill Someone' and 'Underwater Crush' have infectious melodies and a penchant for Spectorish percussion; they jangle as much as the buzz. We're given extra distortion and a familiar chord structure on final track 'Tear It Up' which couldn't be more Raveonettes if it spoke fluent Danish, still, it sounds amazing. Cool Serbia may not be the leaders of the pack, but they're certainly a part of it.

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