Friday, 15 March 2013

Diana Yukawa - Finding The Parallel

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It's not every day that we review the work of a violinist, but then Diana Yukawa isn't really a normal violinist. In fact her own description of the music she makes is "electronic-classical-trip-hop". The three songs included on new EP 'Finding The Parallel' would indeed fit that description. It's a slow starter, with opening track 'My Way Home' having the feel of a film score and certainly veering more towards the classical side of things. It's an atmospheric piece, that's for sure, and therefore may be the least accessible song here, making it an unusual starter. But as it gradually builds and dies down again you can feel other influences creeping in; rock drums and dubby basslines. By the time we get to the end it's clear that her description is spot on.

More instant is the deeply menacing 'Juno' which opens like the soundtrack to a particularly haunting moment in a horror movie. Then there's a strange juxtaposition as the violin becomes more playful but is underpinned by leaden bass, almost dubstep fusion, yet without the two sections contradicting each other in such a way it would be far less interesting. The shrill strings at the end are totally at odds with the deep rumble of the rest of the song. Finally is 'City Of Shadows', a forlorn track to begin with, again cinematic with its use of strings and piano, and then it pauses; as though contemplating where to go next, takes a few more steps forward and then branches out into the most conventional pop-crossover here. The rock drums resurface, the rest of the music is essentially chamber-pop and the deep bass is lightened. It's an interesting step Diana Yukama has taken and it will be interesting to see which of the three musical groups she mentioned embraces her style the most.

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