Saturday 16 March 2013

Five For Free #165

Stills - Saturated State

First off, this UK duo are not to be confused with Canadian rock band The Stills. This particular Stills are plotting a more experimental trip through the world of music, taking the current synth-pop trend and twisting it into a new form. 'Saturated State' features moody verses and a big chorus, in fact its pretty huge all round. Their forthcoming EP will be worth looking out for.

Stills' website

BetaRob - Open

Formerly a member of London punk trio Betamax, songwriter and guitarist BetaRob is now pursuing a solo career, with several tracks recorded and available for streaming or download via his SoundCloud page. Our favourite has to be this picked piece of dreampop with its drifting vocals that later give way to crunchier guitar, showing that punk spark can coexist with the ethereal.

BetaRob's website

Sebastian Bartz - Stiletto

By the looks of it, Sebastian Bartz has attempted to make the most goth looking music promo of the year, but for this Polish-born, London-based artist that's all part of the plan. Breaking down barriers. This is reflected in his androgynous appearance and his musical style which takes in synth-pop, rock, goth, indie and electronica. 'Stiletto' is his latest single and it's yours for free.

Sebastian Bartz' website

3200 Tigers - Take Your Pick (Demo)

This demo recording is one of just two that we've heard by Newcastle band 3200 Tigers (who are actually four human beings) and describe their music as a mixture of indie, electro and chillwave. We're inclined to agree, but it would be better to simplify things and call them a terrific alt-pop band in the making. 'Take Your Pick' is sweetly sung and delicately played and we like it a lot.

3200 Tigers' website

Rigas - Kungen

This new track from Sweden's Rigas was released just yesterday and is the first we've heard from them since reporting on their recording sessions back in December. These seemed fruitful and now we're given 'Kungen' which again is sung in their native language so we can only guess what this dreamy electro/indie track is about, but we like to pretend they're just taking the piss out of us somehow.

Rigas' website

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