Saturday, 9 March 2013

Last Year's Men - Clawless Paw/What Can I Get

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How do you follow up your debut album released two years previously? Well if you're US garage-punks Last Year's Men you head into the studio for six hours with far too much booze and wake up the next day with a fuzzy head and see what came of it all. We don't suggest that every band out there try this approach, but for these guys it's paid dividends. New single 'Clawless Paw'/'What Can I Get' is rickety and rough rock 'n' roll tunes that are shot through with the kind of vibrancy that comes from getting a bucket of cold water thrown in your face. They're crisp, energetic and will certainly wake you up.

First to 'Clawless Paw', a track which begins with some out of tune guitar and a touch of fuzz before bursting into a chugging riff and the constant ringing of cymbals. The vocals are definitely of the lo-fi variety, very reminiscent of those great 60s pioneers. It's an enjoyable thrash through a typical chunk of ragged rock with a nice guitar solo thrown in at the end. 'What I Can Get' starts out sounding like it belongs on a Nuggets compilation, then mixes that sound with early Ramones for a thrilling and bumpy ride through punk sensibilities, again with some great guitar. We look forward to more, but not too much, we wouldn't want them ending up in rehab.

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