Saturday 2 March 2013

Conclave - Melted/Coldsteel Heart

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Once again we're left wondering exactly what a particular band are. Genres, on many occasions are now obsolete, yet we need them to describe in written or spoken word exactly what the sounds are. We'll copy and paste Conclave's full bio so that you know all the details: "23 year old beatsmith from the land of the thousand islands." Yep. That's it. We're assuming he means the Thousand Islands that lie between the USA and Canada but your guess is as good as ours. Musically things don't become any clearer, but I guess they don't need to be. If you like it you like it, if you don't you don't. Simple.

The first track here' 'Melted' is heavy on the bass but you wouldn't call it dubstep, more deformed dreampop with a lazy/laid-back female vocal. This track is smothered in echo as though it's a super-powered magnet for the stuff. It feels warped but it feels warm and it feels current. Aside from a huge dollop of bass and those same dreamlike vocals, 'Coldsteel Heart' is musically quite different. A stuttering, uneasy song with harsh electronic pulses and a general feeling of discomfort or post-apocalyptic wastelands reimagined through a dream. It's a weird combination, but one that puts itself out there with no notion of conformity and we end up with a quite unique pair of tracks.

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