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Band To Check Out: Decades

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When will this obsession with recreating the 1980s end? I guess you could say it was one of the most diverse decades music has seen so perhaps it's not surprising that there are so many bands that recall the various scenes and acts of the time. Toronto's Decades have their pulse firmly on the post-punk side of things. The guitars reverberate in a similar way to Echo & The Bunnymen or even The Cult, that punk urgency is noticeable throughout and they're not afraid of synths and sequencers either. Their debut album is due for a UK release at the end of April, in the mean time they're giving us a peak inside their musical treasure chest.

A trio of songs have been made available, from the new-wavy 'Tonight Again' which is equal parts New Order and upbeat Depeche Mode with extra fire in their bellies, especially in the desperate scream of the vocals. While these songs ring with the sounds of days gone by it's not total nostalgia and all three sound like reinventions, not imitations. The voice calms down for 'Celebrate' but those pure post-punk guitars are more prominent than before and smoke machines and shades are the images you'll struggle to shake off. It may be 'Can You Love Me Now' that's the best of the bunch. It's a typical indie-rock track at its centre, but those metallic guitars pull it back in time and bring individuality with them. The album's shaping up to be a beauty.

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