Friday, 15 March 2013

Vitalic - Fade Away

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We're struggling to keep our heads above water at the moment as the tide of synth-pop keeps rising uncontrollably. However, just like water can be a killer, it's also the source of life. Without it we'd die. Vitalic even sounds like a brand of spring water, so this has got to be good, right? And good it is, the "eight" and "zero" keys on our computer are getting worn out from typing 80s in so often, but with so many bands nicking bits and bobs from that decade it's difficult to avoid, unless we skirt around it using fancy words and clever phrasing, but then we'd just sound like dicks.

Plus this new single, 'Fade Away', while containing some retro electronics, also feels bang up to date and fresh as a daisy. It's not your usual throwback fare, and it even manage to be quite high energy without sounding stupid, so these lot have really come up with the goods here. This is more like hyper-dreampop, it feels slightly magical and from another dimension, some retro-futuristic parallel universe. We don't know where this universe is but we'd like to visit. It's possibly worth asking Giorgio Moroder for directions.

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