Wednesday, 12 June 2013

The Road To Suicide/​Spökraket Split 12" EP

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Further exploring the blossoming underground scene in Denmark, Levitation Records have released this split EP featuring two of the country's best new psych bands. Side A concentrates on The Road To Suicide, a band whose track 'Before Lexington' we featured earlier in the year. That song features here alongside the slow-paced, almost dreampoppy 'Sleepers (Sort Søndag)' which delves deep into modern psychedelia and owes a debut the the Verve's first album and others who've opted to create these kind of rich grooves since. It may crawl along but it does so with the power of a slow-moving wall, almost like a tsunami in slow-motion. The more upbeat 'Before Lexington' sounds even better now it's had time to embed itself in our consciousness and could be the work of The Morning After Girls, and that's high praise round these parts. Their trio ends with the ten-minute behemoth of deep psych grooves and drones that is the exotic 'Looking For Water'.

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SAT 15m JUN The Road to Suicide & Spökraket Underwerket
Copenhagen, Denmark
THU 18 JUL The Road to Suicide,Indian Jewelry, Dreams, Holograms
Henry's Dream 2013, Copenhagen, Denmark

Providing a perfect match for The Road To Suicide are Spökraket, a band who create a similar kind of deep psychedelia that's also influenced by drone-rock and allows for a more exotic feel also. They're not a band to rush songs, ensuring that once they get locked into a groove they remain there until you're well and truly absorbed by it yourself. Muttered lyrics are only partly audible and a steady beat gently propels 'Climb So High' over eight intoxicating minutes. The atmospheric, ambient 'Interlude' splits their half into two separate hypnotic drones, acting as a buffer between 'Climb So High' and the aptly-named 'Repetition Will Save Your Life', and it is a case of the title speaking for itself here, but it's a tune that will resonate highly with fans of space drones and bands like Spacemen 3 or Wooden Shjips. Warning: overexposure may lead to confusion and a sense of distorted reality.

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