Monday, 10 June 2013

The Epstein - Calling Out Your Name

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Oxford's really come into its own in recent years. There have always been good bands from the city, but they've often been few and far between. I'm sure if you type "Oxford" into our search box you'll find a host of new and emerging talent from the city's music scene. Alt-pop band The Epstein aren't quite newbies, and their new album 'Murmurations' (shame on Google's spell-check for not recognising that word, it's the name of those stunning flight formations that are created by hundreds of starlings grouped together) will be their second. Before we get the album, they're unveiling new single 'Calling Out Your Name'. They may describe themselves as "alt-pop", but there's more of an indie/alt-rock thing going on here.

'Calling Out Your Name' is a grand and sweeping song, and you realise this right from the start despite the fact that the beginning is very understated. Soon strings and harmonies begin to creep in and you can just sense that there's likely to be majesty on the horizon. The lyrics aren't basic by any means, but they do tell a familiar tale of escaping the town where you live, but perhaps more eloquently than some bands do. Before long the strings are in full swing with drums, guitars and plenty of voices helping to push the song higher. That majestic ending you knew was coming does arrive and lets us know that there's unlikely to be a case of "second album syndrome" with these guys.

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