Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Salt Cathedral - Take Me To The Sea

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This lot were formerly known as Il Abanico before changing their name to the strange-but-actually-quite-good Salt Cathedral. Where that inspiration came from we have no idea, but seeing a cathedral carved out of salt would be a pretty astounding experience. Until it rains. According to reports, nothing really got moving with the Brooklyn group until this name change, which has since seen them tour a bit further afield in the States and release this quite delightful alt-pop single which shows a fully-formed and well considered sound; something that's a requirement to get noticed in a place as musically saturated as Brooklyn.

There are a mixture of influences on 'Take Me To The Sea', some of them quite unexpected. The track starts with a dreampop-like introduction where everything is given a slightly reverby sheen, with the vocals bearing a slight resemblance to Kate Bush at times. Listen closely and you notice that the rhythm section is carrying the song at a hectic pace, even though the song as a whole seems much slower. It's an unusual effect, but not the only one. As this track progresses the drums come to the fore and math-rock guitars take over while still retaining a pop edge. It's a definite winner. Note to struggling bands: come up with a better name and the music may just follow.

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