Monday 10 June 2013

Last Lynx - Ocean Reels EP

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Previously from Swedish alt-pop group Last Lynx, the quite superb, summery synth-pop of 'Killing Switch', a song that is released again on new EP 'Ocean Reels' which, as well as five new tracks, also includes two remixes of this particular track; a possible indication of how highly thought of it is. The question for us is are their other songs much cop? Well, let's look at the evidence. 'Late Disco' is first on the list, and while it initially lacks a little of the sparkle we heard on 'Killing Switch', this soon changes and although a tad slower in pace it's just as good, and follows a similar idea. Next comes the single, 'City Lights', and for this one they do change the style a bit. A more straightforward alt-pop song, 'City Lights' combines the band format with electronica and creates something that's certainly single material and is likely to prick up the ears of radio programmers. It is possibly their best shot at a hit track, and it is good, however it does lack a little of the inventiveness we've heard from them already.

Last Lynx are capable of making music that's engineered for summer, and this is very much the case with 'Leave Them Behind', a song that begins in a jaunty fashion but soon settles into its stride, although really it's the chorus that makes this one. Without that it would perhaps be a song to skip. This knack of turning something fairly routine into a more interesting listen is used again on 'The Great Water Sequel'. It doesn't promise much for the first half-a-minute or so, and occasionally dips back into this somewhat uninspired territory throughout, however a few additions made at points during the song make it a worthwhile inclusion. The last of the originals is 'Luminous Blue' which shows a more soulful side to the band while maintaining their mildly indie sensibilities. It's another song with a great chorus. And this just about sums up Last Lynx: they are a band with ideas and they are a band who are capable of making genuinely interesting and exciting music. If they can iron out the creases that show slight dips in form then they could be a force to be reckoned with.

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