Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Glitches - Only Time Will Tell + Q&A

Article by kev@thesoundofconfusion.co.uk

Classy London electro-pop (or maybe not?) titans Glitches are sharing their new single 'Only Time Will Tell' with us (out on Kissability, July 22nd) and they also stopped by to talk to us about their ever evolving sounds and inability to burp.

TSOC: Hello Glitches! You guys are known for being “enigmatic”. Is this by design or have you simply not been asked for much personal info so far? And do you plan on staying a little mysterious and if so, why?

Glitches: Enigmatic in terms of what? The music? Or as people? I would hate to think that people thought we were enigmatic by any sort of contrivance. Up to this stage we have lived and died by the music we make, happily starting off with that as the focus. If people can get our vibe off that, then maybe let's move onto other things. But we don't want to live in a topsy-turvy world where an audience will want to know what we are like as people first before they listen to the music. That's just not what we're about.

So really, it's more about what we've presented first, which relates to the ethos we've described.

TSOC: We won't ask you to reveal all, but can you give us one interesting (and true!) fact about each of you?

Robbie  - Can't tell difference between Fleetwood Mac and Van Morrison
Mick - I can't burp
James - I can name all the Kings and Queens of England since 1042 in under two and half minutes.

TSOC: In terms of your music, we think new single 'Only Time Will Tell' is your best so far. Do you agree and do you have even better songs in store?

Glitches: Why thank you. I don't think we could weigh in as to whether it's the "best" or not. You could say that it's the most fully-realised representation of us as a band at this moment in time. It's a very very new song, you see. All we hope can hope for is that people get us now and will join us for the ride. We're always writing new stuff, so we'll see what happens.

TSOC: The track is being released on Jen Long's Kissability label. How did Jen end up getting involved? Have other labels approached you too?

Glitches: We just met Jen and it all seemed to fall into place. She's GREAT. Labels are always hovering around. Whether or not that means anything, who knows? We're still trying to figure out the best way to get our music to an audience. The music industry is in a state of flux, so we have to watch very carefully to not get caught out. We'll hopefully pounce when the time is right. For now, Kissability is the one.

TSOC: Are you a fairly debauched bunch? Is it post-show carnage or home to bed? What's the most rock 'n' roll thing you've done?

Glitches: I would say our mantra for Halcyon Nights, our flat/studio parties we hold every few months, is "chaos, within reason". Does that answer your question? Hmm, probably not. But that's all you getting. Come to a show and find out!

Most rock 'n' roll thing we've ever done? Probably trying to be in a band and saying "fuck you" to everything else.

TSOC: Are you happy with the way you make your music now or would you like any external input? Who would your dream producer or collaborator be?

Glitches: We're very happy with our set-up right now, thank you very much. We're not a silo-ed entity in any way though. We're always looking for new and interesting ways to get our sounds out.

Favourite collaborators would probably have to come from somewhere rather left-of-centre. Vangelis?

TSOC: Are there other current bands that you'd put in the same bracket as yourselves and are there any unknown bands we should be checking out? Can you each give us a new band tip?

Glitches: We personally respect a lot of musicians, some mega successful, some less so at the moment. Exmoor Emperor need more air time, for sure. Robbie's personal favourite albums at the moment are by The Knife and These New Puritans.

TSOC: How do you see the long term future of the band? Do you hope to still be making music together in 10 years time?

Only Time Will Tell

TSOC: I see what you've done there! Very good. What about future directions? Will you be sticking with alternative electro-pop or are there plans to change your style on future releases?

What's alternative electro-pop? How does that relate to us? Sorry, we don't understand. Our style is constantly evolving. The real challenge for us is to stay in one place for long enough to create an album which is consistent within itself. We get bored very easily.

TSOC: Finally, that tricky question: Fantasy festival time. Glitches are headlining and you can pick five bands past or present to be on the bill. Who do you go for?

Wu Tang Clan
The Knife
Pink Floyd
Ravel playing "Gaspard De La Nuit"

Glitches' website

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