Sunday, 9 June 2013

Bell X1 - Starlings Over Brighton Pier

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Bell X1 are maybe one of the biggest alternative bands in Ireland, and although their success has transferred to the UK, they're probably not as big or well known here as they should be. Maybe sixth album 'Chop Chop', which will be released on July 1st, will see them become more established here. The record has seen a slightly different approach for the band, thanks in part to working with The National's long-term producer Peter Katis, a man who knows a few things about making hit records. The idea is a fairly simple one: instead of indulging in more grandiose sounds as on previous releases, the new record will be more stripped back, more minimal.

You can see evidence of this on single 'Starlings Over Brighton Pier'. They've shaved off any excess in favour of concentrating on allowing the songs to speak for themselves. That's not to say this will be a mundane acoustic album, of course it won't. There are still complex rhythms and instrumentals, but these take the lead on their own, such as the piano and shuffling percussion here. It's a tactic that's definitely worked on this occasion, adding, paradoxically, more depth to the song, as more emotion can be expressed in this way. If the album follows suit then we can expect the critics to have a few excited words to say.

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June 29 Dublin, IE, Chop Chop Premiere @ The National Concert Hall  
July 4 Cork, IE, Live At The Marquee    
July 13 Dublin, IE, Iveagh Gardens

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