Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Band To Check Out: Aztec Birds

Article by kev@thesoundofconfusion.co.uk

I know what you're thinking. A band called Aztec Birds with a logo like that? This is going to be some '60s throwback nonsense isn't it. Well you're spot on, apart from the nonsense part. Aztec Birds are a band from Sunderland who do indeed deal in psychedelia and garage sounds from the past, and they do have jangly guitars that are not dissimilar to The Byrds. So far we've heard just two songs from the band, both demos, and both classic sounding sunkissed psychedelia that sounds breathlessly natural and unforced; it hardly seems as though they're trying to emulate anyone, more that this is how they naturally sound.

The song titles too are straight from an old psych compilation. Firstly we have 'Another Sigh For Delia', maybe the poppiest of the two, but it contains those guitars that influenced bands from Big Star to Teenage Fanclub to The See See. It's a delightfully summery and irresistible song. Secondly they offer up a track called 'Acid Love'. Yeah, yeah; cliche alarms going of all over the place; but actually listen to it and you'll hear another great guitar-pop song. Borrowing from the past is absolutely fine and has happened since the dawn of music. However, it only works if the songs are up to scratch. Aztec Birds have no problems on that front.

Aztec Birds' website

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