Thursday, 14 March 2013

Woman's Hour - To The End

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What are we thinking about this as a band name then? Pretty rubbish? To be fair, loads of big bands throughout history have had awful names, but as soon as they become established their choice of name barely even registers any more. What the heck are The Pet Shop Boys and Coldplay about for example? On the outside they're meaningless. Still, this London quartet are called Woman's Hour and in a few weeks it won't seem odd any more. For many of you that's already happened, they've been in existence since 2011. They may reside in the capital with all its hectic city life and people treating each other as if they don't exist, but they originate from the more serene surroundings of the Lake District.

Serene is just the word for new single 'To The End' as well, set to be released along with another track, 'Our Love Has No Rhythm'. Rather than defying genres, this song casts its net over many of them, from indie to dreampop, trip-hop, chillwave, electronica, folk, soul, rock... you can hear snippets of almost anything in here at various points. The production is quite classy too, but not to heavy with the varnish; it's best experienced through headphones, put it that way, and the way they layer the instruments seems as natural as the environment from which they originate. A few minutes of calm amongst the crammed asphalt jungle they now inhabit.

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