Friday, 8 March 2013

The Ambersons - The Magnificent Ambersons EP

EP review by Marcus Leyton

If you've ever wondered what the result would be if you stuck indie, electronics, folk, country and lo-fi in a blender and turned it on (and who hasn't?) then wonder no more. The Ambersons, over the course of four excellent tracks, have served up a tasty treat which takes all these ingredients and builds them into something well worth a listen or 70. To stretch the metaphor, each mouthful of this delicious meal has a slightly different taste, making for a very satisfying debut.

All the elements are here; strong writing and melodies, acoustic guitar, electric touches, slide guitar - to create a compelling full-length album, but by distilling it into just four songs it means the quality is concentrated into a selection of top tracks. Picking favourites is a moot point, as each song is different enough from that last that individuals will pick different highlights. But rest assured if you enjoy any of the elements mentioned above you’ll find something to enjoy here. The trick now, is for The Ambersons to make an album that's just as Magnificent.

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