Monday, 4 March 2013

Sparrow and the Workshop - Shock Shock

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The origins of Sparrow and the Workshop include Chicago, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Not bad going considering they're a trio. After a sabbatical of a couple of years they return with new material and the promise of, if not new, certainly an evolved sound. New single 'Shock Shock' is as close to straight alt-rock that they've come so far, but that's not to say this song is ordinary, more that it's grown some stubble, worn through some holes in its jeans and taken up smoking. It's that little bit more rough and ready, shall we say.

Hitting us straight in the face with its unorthodox tempo and a grinding riff, the intentions are immediately clear. Jill O'Sullivan's vocals still sound as individual as ever in their mid-Atlantic intonation, but elsewhere the two shocks of the title are felt. Maybe the drummer has grown some bigger muscles, or maybe he's simply decided his kit can take more punishment. The same goes for the guitar, as if a dirty riff wasn't enough we're treated to a solo too, and not a horribly indulgent one, it's the bad-guy glint in the eye of the song. Less Sparrow and the Workshop, more Sparrow and the Powerhouse.

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