Monday, 4 March 2013

Mary Cassidy & Jon Lawless - Carolina

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To be honest we were ready to write this one off from the start. Another boy/girl folk duo is the last thing the world needs (well, that's probably an exaggeration, but you know what we mean) and opening is typically safe male vocals, typically sweet female vocals, a slightly shuffly beat and picked acoustic guitar. Let it progress though, and although it won't shoot to the top of you most played list, you do find there's a bit extra going on that makes it worth giving Mary Cassidy & Jon Lawless a mention here. 'Carolina' is their debut single and shows that they're happy to try different techniques. We hope they continue this aspect of their music.

It may only be a short song and it's difficult to judge future success upon something so small, but it almost sounds like sampled beats are used. They're probably not, but if this pair are willing to go down that route then it may open doors for them and prevent them drowning in the sea of others treading similar paths. The horns are a nice touch too, adding a little soul to go with the more urban-folk sound created by the beat. 'Carolina' fades out before it's barely had a chance to get going which also indicates that these two are unlikely to be over indulgent in any way. A decent first effort.

Mary Cassidy & Jon Lawless' website

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