Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Rush Midnight - Don't Give Me Your Love

Single review by kev@thesoundofconfusion.co.uk

Following on from his '+1' EP which was released in the autumn, Twin Shadow bass player Russ Manning continues to forge ahead with his solo career by releasing new single 'Don't Give Me Your Love'. As Rush Midnight he's almost matching his former employer's successful take on slick pop grooves and 80s stylings, plus he doesn't seem short of tunes. Following the EP, he's now begun work on a debut album with has been pencilled in for a release in the winter, which gives him, and us, plenty of time to enjoy the funky alt-pop he's served up so far, and we can surely expect more singles throughout the year.

The New Yorker will be following the rest of the world down to SXSW next week too, so it would seem a full live show is up and running and it may be worth checking for more festival appearances over the summer. On new single 'Don't Give Me Your Love' he again reimagines the horrible side of the decade of embarrassing pop songs as something good, just like he did with the EP. The lack of self-importance or overly shiny production is what keeps this song the right side of the fence. Instead of attempting to show himself off as a grand master of pop, he takes a back seat and lets the almost chillwave vibes of the song carry itself. A job well done.

Rush Midnight's website

'Don't Give Me Your Love' is available from Cascine Records

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