Tuesday, 5 March 2013

El Perro Del Mar - I Was A Boy

Single review by kev@thesoundofconfusion.co.uk

It all seems horribly wrong that it took Swedish singer-songwriter El Perro Del Mar the best part of a decade to get any real recognition in the UK, but at least she got there in the end. It's been a pleasure to see her name cropping up more regularly in our country's music press these past couple of years. Current album 'Pale Fire' got the good reviews it deserved and her airy folk-pop and generally, for want of a better word, kookiness are fully registered on music radars everywhere. But that doesn't explain this rather odd choice for a single though, maybe she's happy to stick to her own ideals and let the wind blow her wherever it chooses.

'I Was A Boy' is a wonderful song, let's make that clear right from the start. A delicate and floaty piece of alt-pop that's so gentle you feel it should be kept locked in a glass cabinet; it's a lovable song. The problem is that it's a lovable song if you're already a fan, and if you're not already a fan you probably won't get the chance to find out. It's difficult to see this track picking up radio play; it's not instant pop fare and it's incredibly subtle, breezing by as if it doesn't want to disturb you. But maybe that's they way it's always been with El Perro Del Mar; ploughing her own furrow and sprinkling her music in hidden corners of the world, and it's our job to go out and find them.

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