Monday 4 March 2013

Out This Week - 4th March 2013

Dead Leaf Echo - Memorytraces

We champion a lot of new shoegaze (call it nugaze if you like) bands and it's brilliant that the genre got the respect it deserves after being written off by a snobbish music press. One of our favourite current acts? Well that would be Dead Leaf Echo who release their debut album 'Thought & Language' this week. You can grab the gorgeous 'Memorytraces' from the widget above.

Dead Leaf Echo's website

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Catch them live:

Mar 5 - Winston-Salem, NC - Black Lodge $
Mar 6 - Charlotte, NC - Snug Harbor $
Mar 7 - New Orleans, LA -The Saint +
Mar 8 - Beamont, TX - Tequilla Rok %
Mar 9 - Houston, TX - Mangos ^
Mar 10 - San Antonio, TX - Korova ^
Mar 11 - Denton, TX -  TBD
Mar 12 to Mar 17 - SXSW Austin TX.
March 20th- Asheville NC TBD
March 21st- TBD
*w/Lorelei (Slumberland)
# w/Dead Fame
$ w/ Spirit System
^ w/ Bloody Knives
+ w/ Kindest Lines
% w/ Purple

Port Isla - Adventurers 

There's many a group out there dusting off their acoustic guitars and spending hours perfecting sweet harmonies. Some do a good job, some are just another band of Fleet Foxes imitators to throw on the pile. Port Isla are the former and the harmonies here are nothing short of wonderful. 'Adventurers' will be their second single and even at this early stage they're showing a high level of competence and grace.

Port Isla's website

The Men - Electric

Another genre that's determined to run and run is punk. This is pretty remarkable when you consider that every town in the country is full of awful wannabe punks. The cream rises to the top though, and once again Brooklyn's The Men gain praise for their latest album 'New Moon' which is out this week. They're a cut above simply because they have their own sound and better tunes. Here's 'Electric'.

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Judy Kang - Dream

We didn't expect to ever be featuring solo material from Lady Gaga's violin player, but such is life. Judy Kang is an established artist in her own right and has been compared to everyone from Grimes to Bjork. Her self-titled album is out this week and if ever a song deserved to be called 'Dream' then it's probably this one which is gentle, sleepy, ethereal and generally all things nice.

Judy Kang's website

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Sad Day For Puppets - Cold Hand

One day the ravens will leave the Tower Of London and England will crumble, the poles will flip sending the Earth into chaos, the moon will turn blue and be surrounded by pigs flying. Hell will freeze over and the natural equilibrium of the universe will be thrown into turmoil signifying the end of existence as we know it. On this day Sad Day For Puppets will make a bad record, but until those events occur simultaneously The Best Band In Sweden™ will continue to release effortlessly amazing guitar-pop songs like 'Cold Hand'. Their new album is set for release in May, we've heard one other new song and it's even better than this. Is there another album of the year on the way?

Sad Day For Puppets' website

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