Thursday, 14 March 2013

Marie Avery - The Fire EP

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By her own admission, Canadian singer-songwriter Marie Avery has had a tough and possibly tumultuous few years, and it's these experiences that she wanted to document on new EP 'The Fire'. She uses the phrase "a tornado of self-expression!", so we can reasonably expect to be able to take the lyrics and stories of the songs at face value, and 'The Fire' is a personal step towards moving forward. You can almost feel the emotion on opening track 'Heavy', a song that shows us she's in possession of a strong voice and knows how to put it to good use. It's a classic sounding piece of powerful pop music that proves hard to better.

There's less vengeance about 'Sailing' which is a piano-led track with a 70s feel; it almost belongs on a Joni Mitchell record, plus it has a grand ending. Even less delicate is the intro to 'If You've Got Time', but this time the song remains delicate and humble, 'Stories' continues in a similar vein and feels incredibly fragile, like it should be carefully placed in a padded box and locked away somewhere safe. The ending is also understated, simple piano and vocal that sings about "flying away from here", surely a metaphor for putting the past behind her and moving on to pastures new. It's not called 'Caged Bird' for nothing and you hope this is the end of the saga that has led to the creation of this EP. So we wish her good times ahead, but music with just as much passion.

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