Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Less Win - ""Great""

Album review by kev@thesoundofconfusion.co.uk

Initially released last year as limited edition vinyl on the band's own Sixxxxx label, the enigmatic band Less Win are giving their album '""Great""' a proper digital release so as to make it more accessible to the kind of people who carry portable music devices that aren't record players around with them. As for info on who they are, we know little. But as the album is being put out by Danish label Pad & Pen we can assume that might be their country of origin, although this form of homemade punk experimenting defies location; it's made the world over. This is all quite DIY too, being recorded in their rehearsal space instead of a studio, with the vocal booth consisting of the toilet.

So don't go expecting a majestic orchestral album, but likewise, don't assume this is just another unlistenable noisy punk album comprising of sounds that could loosely be interpreted as "songs". The band say they didn't want to make a pretentious record (job done then) but wanted one where the album created its own thread (the jury's out). Whatever their intentions, they've given us an album of some variety considering the limitations of the recording. The intro, 'Comienzo', isn't much more than a burst of noise but it's followed by the short but pure punk of 'A Million Faces', and for much of the album this sound is a constant, as is the post-punk they look to on 'GeBe'. The foundations are laid down in the opening trio.

You can see why 'Wired' was chosen as a single, as it breaks from the overall sound of the album a touch, throwing in some 60s shapes to their scratchy punk format, but it's quite glum. Following it is the bristling post-punk of 'Dream Overdose' which could have been a better choice; it punches a little harder. Another angular and jagged highlight comes in the excellent 'I Forgot', surely one of the best tracks the album has to offer, and further proof that this record is a bit bottom-heavy comes with 'Aquarium' and 'Speedy Schlichters'. Naming the album '"Great"' may be pushing it a bit but it has its moments. Perhaps '"Very Good"' might be a better fit.

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Catch them live:

14.03.13 Loppen, Christiania w/ LOWER and Happy Hookers For Jesus.
21.03.13 Stengade, Nørrebro w/ The Men and Hand Of Dust.
29.03.13  Split LP release fest på Bakken, Kødbyen.
01.-08.04.13 DEUTSCHE tour w/BATTLE
18.-20.07.2013  Henry’s Dream Festival.

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