Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Heroes Of Switzerland - No Easy Way Of Being EP

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Are you a fan of music that sounds as though you have a force 12 hurricane blasting out of your speakers, complete with extra squalls of guitar that sporadically whip things up further? If so then you could do worse than have a listen to the aptly-titled 'Frantic', the first track off 'No Easy Way Of Being', the new EP from Heroes Of Switzerland (from Nottingham in case you were wondering). It's a bit of a firecracker that feels like a musical scrum, with everything piling in on top of each other but somehow resulting in order rather than chaos. This lot make alt-rock that's a mixture of grunge and shoegaze and belongs in about 1993. Second track 'Couldn't Say' is even reminiscent of Sugar at times.

After two healthy doses of driving guitar whirlwinds you're half expecting a mid-EP slowie to break things down a bit, and you almost get one. 'Clear' does turn the amp back down from 11, but only to 10. It's still a crunching number that belongs in a different time. It seems there's no stopping them, as following that half-pause for breath they hurtle into the punky 'Monochrome Living' which is an odd combination of early Manics and Dinosaur Jr, a merger you wouldn't expect to work as well as it does. They save the best for last with 'Last Sop To Shoegaze', the title kind of speaks for itself, and being particularly fond of shoegaze ourselves this fuzzier piece was always going to appeal. Heroes Of Switzerland are one of the reasons that Apple are making sure your iPod can only be turned up to a certain volume.

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