Friday, 1 March 2013

Exsonvaldes - l'aérotrain

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Let's begin with a history lesson. We're all aware that in the TGV, France has one of the premier high-speed rail services in the world. Prior to the development of this service an engineer called Jean Bertin developed l'aérotrain which was capable of travelling at exceptional speeds thanks to levitation due to air resistance which prevented friction from tracks, plus it was equipped with a jet engine. It was a formidable beast but the project ended with Bertin's death and a lack of funding. For the next single from their upcoming 'Lights' album, French band Exsonvaldes have chosen to celebrate this amazing engineering achievement.

They were lucky enough to gain access to some terrific footage, so watching the video is a must. The song's not bad either! This kind of gentle indie/pop has been exported with great success by Phoenix in recent years and 'l'aérotrain' is along a similar line (pun intended) with soft guitars and a backing that's almost like a lo-fi wall of sound, not noise, music. There's a bit of a post-punk thing going on too and the song is good enough to stand up on its own two feet, but throw in the fascinating video and you strike gold.

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Catch them live:

Mar 23 South Pop Festival, w/ We Have Band, Seville, Spain
Apr 13 Showcase Fnac Montparnasse Paris, France  
May 02 MJC Le Silo, Verneuil Sur Avre, France
May 03 I-Boat, w/ Baden Baden, Bordeaux, France
May 04 La Marquise, w/ Baden Baden, Lyon, France
May 09 FESTIVAL, Lille, France  
May 16 Le Nouveau Casino Paris, France

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