Wednesday, 13 March 2013

A*Star/Porcupine - Split 7"

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So this is the other of the two split singles being released by Chicago pair A*Star in the next few weeks, and instantly it sounds better than 'Flashbulb'. Gone is that muddiness, replaced here with a cleaner and sharper sound that still evokes plenty of mood; it's still a brooding number, only this time it feels more alive and has a chorus that elevates it from average to very good. We're talking alt-rock of 20 years previous again, but at least they do it with a certain amount of panache and knowledge. Following the other single, this one has heightened our interest somewhat.

On the flip this time are US trio Porcupine, another good match for A*Star in that they seem to share a love of sounds from a similar era, although these guys have a mildly more modern feel; the intro tricks you into thinking you're about to discover another new lo-fi indie band. It completes a quartet of decent songs spread across two pieces of vinyl, two releases that anyone with a penchant for their rock to be that bit grittier and more independent sounding would do well to invest in.

A*Star's website

Porcupine's website

The single will be available from Moon Sounds Records

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