Sunday, 3 March 2013

Alphabet Mannerisms - Alphabet Mannerisms

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These are a slippery little lot. Whenever you begin to get an idea of their sound it's instantly replaced with another, and all without even being particularly diverse. I think it's a case of New York's Alphabet Mannerisms replicating the sounds of their record collection, and if the music they listen to is anything like most people involved in this type of thing it will probably span a few decades. Certainly what we can pick out from the three tracks on their eponymous EP is that there's a mixture of 1990s indie sounds and 1960s psychedelia; two eras that have always had a strong connection, especially in the UK, although these guys are from across the pond. That doesn't mean they have to have different tastes of course.

Beginning with 'Indigo', we're not sure if we're about to take a cosmic 60s trip or an early 90s baggy vibe. It ends up being a little of both and sounds just great, you won't have realised before that the piano used by bands in both decades could be so similar. It's obvious that Alphabet Mannerisms care as much about the songs as the way they're produced too, this is a trio of equal strength, not a lead-track and a couple to make up the numbers. 'Sicko' has the feel of a Britpop revival song to it, but it's not that simple. With some added layers and added effects it grows in stature to be a quality psych-pop tune. We even get a hint of early Bowie about both this song and 'Jasmine's Eyes' which is the most psychedelic of all and sounds not unlike the mighty Buffalo Springfield at points. Out of time maybe, but not out of ideas and not out of talent.

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