Thursday 10 March 2016

You Said Strange - EP2

Article by Del Chaney

Following on from their four-track, epic debut entitled 'EP1' back in April 2015, Normandy-based psych-gazers You Said Strange are about to release another jaw-dropping collection of psych-induced tracks on the interestingly titled 'EP2'. The band are made up of Eliot, Matthieu, Martin, Paul and Hector, and they collectively create a stunning mix of psych-rock and vividly expressive shoegaze that's peppered with sublime melodic melancholy.

The EP opens up with the impressive 'Brain', the longest track on this entire release by far. 'Brain' builds from the off with a shuffling drum track and jangling guitar progressions. It meanders through its sonic algorithms with ease and brings the listener on a tripped-out voyage through musical peaks and troughs with swirling, hypnotic guitars carefully enveloping the brilliant reverb-drenched vocal lines. A stunning opening track that will surely interest the avid psych-gazing fan. Up next, 'Youri's Night' floats into the sonic ether with aplomb, as that shimmering, chariot-like guitar track carries the melodic vocal line like some kind of sonic god. This track explodes into a wall of layered guitars, pounding drums and addictive lead progressions as it swerves through clouds of beautifully golden reverb-induced frequencies.

'Just Wait' has a subtle '60s psych feel as its opening chord progressions fill this listener's ears. The introduction of a shimmering tambourine and another impressive vocal track adds atmosphere as the track builds and swirls into a melodic ball of sonic delight. Another impressive track from an already impressive EP. Track four, 'Rust', jangles into earshot and I'm reminded of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Spacemen 3 as the shuffling drum pattern fixes itself to the earth, thus allowing the instrumentation to soar, carrying that spaced-out vocal line as it does. Simply stunning! The EP's closing track, 'Tilleli', screams '60s psych as it rides a droning, swirling guitar, repetitive drum pattern and that impressively sounding Middle Eastern flourish. I even think that I can hear a banjo in the mix as that magically sounding vocal production loops and arcs throughout the sonic sphere and builds into a magical maelstrom of beautifully textured sound. An absolutely, no holds barred, immense finale to a brilliant EP. Recommended listening!

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